Sliding Subnav Plugin

Introducing my first jQuery plugin, a horizontal sliding submenu. Has a couple of options and the appearance can be modified in the css. Any comments or feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Required Files

Slide Submenu requires:

  1. jQuery library
  2. hoverIntent plugin
  3. Slide Subnav plugin


Licensed under the MIT-license.


Download file includes the commented version and the minified version of the plugin, as well as the demo page to save you writing the css from scratch.


3 Responses to “Sliding Subnav Plugin”

  1. alberto says:

    thanks for your plugin:
    Until yesterday the worked well:
    today I installed explorer 9 and sometime (apparently with no sense) the row of submenu is broken, and the last is out in another line
    The same page with explorer 8 and firefox work well:
    can you suggest a solution to solve ?
    ps. if you need i give the address to see

  2. The demo page works for me when I test it in IE9, there may be another CSS issue causing it on your implementation. Try playing with the z-index’s of related blocks, it might be hidden by a following element?

  3. alberto says:

    thanks for your reply:
    I have solved putting subnav width=105%
    I know is not the best solution but work.

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